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Leading Remote Teams Through Uncertain Times

For leaders, a significant change in work pattern, team dynamics or modes of communication requires adjustments to how you and your team members connect and engage. This is part of your pandemic/Coronavirus/Covid-19 resource pack.
Tip Sheets

Return to Work Safely

Heading back to work after working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic can be a time for mixed emotions. Download this tip sheet and share with your workers to support them as they return to your workplace. This is part of your pandemic/Coronavirus/Covid-19 resource pack.
Tip Sheets

Understanding Stress

Everyone experiences stress at some point in their life. Stress can be beneficial in some situations, however in others it’s detrimental to a person’s wellbeing.
Tip Sheets

Programs & Services

Digital Programs

Digital Ergonomic Assessments

Using video conferencing, these assessments include education, advice on equipment and strategies to keep your workforce healthy, focused and productive. Available for individuals and small groups.

Digital Programs

Digital Coaching & Counselling

A new way of thinking and doing EAP - this evidence-based service is designed specifically to support the mental health and wellbeing of individual staff.

Digital Programs

Video Preview: Managing Stress in Times of Uncertainty

This is a video preview of our Managing Stress in Times of Uncertainty Program. For more information download the flyer. For a demo contact the StateCover Wellbeing Team.

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“It was a great presentation.  The speaker was                         enlightening and extremely knowledgeable.”    


Boosting Your Wellbeing Lunch & Learn

Blayney Shire Council, March 2020

Wellbeing News

25th May 2020

Rethinking Employee Assistance Programs

Tweed Shire Council presents a case study about their Wellness Matters Program focusing on mental health prevention, training and skill-building. 

25th May 2020

Digital Programs: the New Norm for Employee Mental Health

Our Managing Stress in Times of Uncertainty program proactively supports employee mental wellbeing.

25th May 2020

Tips to Manage Stress

Did you know that everyone experiences stress differently? Sometimes stress can be good for you, but much of the time it is detrimental to a person's wellbeing. Here are a few tips that may help you in times of stress.

27th April 2020

Pandemic Support: Managing Stress in Times of Uncertainty

The current pandemic has many of us looking for ways to proactively support employee wellbeing. To enable you to continue to provide wellbeing support to all staff we are offering a new digital health program: Managing Stress in Times of Uncertainty.

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